Women's 5th XI

The Women’s 5s are a friendly, fun and feisty team that have big ambition on the hockey pitch.

The St. Andrews Women's 5th XI are a tight-knit team that both loves playing sport and loves to participate in the social side of things. We compete in the Midlands (Division 2) league on Saturdays and BUCS (Tier 5) league on Wednesdays. In recent years, we have really come into our own not only as a group of girls that perform well on the pitch, narrowly missing 2nd place to the 4s in BUCS this year, but also as increasingly prominent voices within the Hockey Club as a whole. For the upcoming season, our aim is to continue going onwards & upwards in the BUCS/Midlands leader boards and keep smashing our targets.

We look forward to meeting all new members for the next academic year!


Kirstin Bentley



Holly Hetherington

Training Schedule:

Thursdays: 17.00 - 18.30 (Athletic Union Astroturf)

Contact the 5th team

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