Women's 5th XI

The UStAHC Women’s 5th XI is a friendly and welcoming team keen to improve on their standing in the leagues.

The St. Andrews Women's 5th XI is a friendly, welcoming team that loves to play hockey and we have a great time playing it! We compete in two different leagues – the Midlands (Division 2) and the BUCs (Tier 5). Last year we established ourselves as a serious team by improving our placing in both leagues and this year we hope to go from strength to strength and do even better! We plan on focussing hard on improving both our individual skills and our teamwork so that we become more well-rounded players – but not without having the best time! We are a close and sociable team (Wednesday nights are our favourite nights) and we are very excited to welcome new members to the club and to our team. 

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Kirsty Hollow

[email protected]


Holly Hetherington

Training Schedule:

Thursdays: 17.00 - 18.30 (Athletic Union Astroturf)

Contact the 5th team

If you are looking for information regarding the 5th team then please get in touch!