Women's 4th XI

The Fours have a long standing tradition of subverting expectations.

The 4XI team are a fun and dynamic group of girls who strive for success. Over the past few years the team have evolved from the party team to having a great time AND converting great wins on the hockey pitch. The 2018/19 season has seen them in the lead for the BUCs tier 5 north title and Midlands 2 league- losing only 1 match overall. With a competitive goal scoring chart and good hockey, the team spirit of the squad is what leads them to victory. Whilst recent members have gone on to help lead the club and make a huge difference to how it is run, the 4s contribute a lot to the hockey club. A 4s girl is at home on the pitch, for a good knock-about and great chat


Marina Rivera



Mark Adshead

Training Schedule: 

Tuesdays: 17.00 - 18.30 (Athletic Union Astroturf) 

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