We ran the Fife Coastal Path!!

Posted on September 15, 2021

Last week Saints Hockey took on the challenge of collectively running 125km along the Fife Coastal Path to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

This endeavour was no mean feat and began at 4am for some runners taking the first leg, 27km from Kincardine to North Queensferry. This leg was taken on by Ossie Smith and Archie Stirling who did phenomenally well, even adding an extra 5km for the fun of it. This was followed by another incredible shift from Sarah Fyffe and Gregor McIntyre running an 18.75km and then again by Lauren Davis and Miranda Joicey with another 18.5km. This was an incredible kickstart to the day with a real variety of members of the club involved, including men’s and women’s captains, our cracking women’s social sec and it was only 11am…


FCP-6.jpg#asset:2900The day went from strength to strength with runners continuing to put in incredible effort and with drivers and organisers working in the background to get everyone to the right place at the right time. Another large leg at 14km was popped in the middle by Mathilda Lord and Sophia Kiely, who also loved the running so much they added a few extra kilometres for the craic. Following their effort, St. Andrews snow sports and Dance got involved to join us for a leg, and some people managed to get some fish and chips and watch a rather cult looking show in Anstruther. A few more phenomenal efforts and we were on the last leg, a hilly 13.5km from Kingsbarns to St. Andrews, and even Raven got involved. These guys absolutely sent it, much to a one-pint deep Sophia Free’s dismay. It all cumulated with a finish line on East Sands, some prosecco, and pizzas from our wonderful sponsor Mozza!


This day could not have been possible without the work of some phenomenal people, notably Mei Jun Tan for arranging transport and driving, along with Hannah Sharp for helping motivation on those long legs and arranging start and finish points of each leg. Also, a massive shout out to each legs team leader for their organisation on the day. I thoroughly enjoyed organising this event and seeing the incredible effort that was put in by each runner and organiser to make this event a success. A huge thank you to our sponsor Mozza for providing us with some well-earned pizza at the finish line (see below for evidence)! We are so close to our target of £1000 for SAMH and would greatly appreciate any donations to help us achieve this!




The club’s runners for this event;

-          Archie Stirling

-          Ossie Smith

-          Sarah Fyffe

-          Gregor Mcintyre

-          Miranda Joicey

-          Lauren Davis

-          Eva Clark

-          Laura Hampton

-          Mathilda Lord

-          Sophia Kiely

-          Amy Hall

-          Abi Byrne

-          Amelia Hodge

-          Aaron Johnson

-          Sandra Montero

-          Maddie Lucklyn Monroe

-          Alice Masserton

-          Matt Jackson

-          Anna Kelly

-          Sophia Free

-          Jamie Carnegie