W2: BUCS Game vs Abertay 1s

Posted on February 26, 2019

“The women’s 2ndXI never win” are words often echoed around the hockey club.

But just like Jen Alexander’s new ability to get into the union, times are changing. Our BUCS success may often be overlooked with our continual loses on the weekend, but regardless, sitting 2ndin the BUCS Scottish 3A table is a promising position for any. Walking to The Fortress, the multiple pieces Scottish Hockey kit speckled around the opposing university's dugout sure outnumbered ours at 3 – 0 which understandably knocked back some team confidence. We had a lot to prove after our original 5-2 loss in reading week.

So, as usual, the game started sluggish from the St Andrews side with our concentration focused more on our upcoming Wednesday night instead of the game ahead. Consequently, allowing us to go two goals down. Personally, I think this was more of a ploy to entice the fans on the side lines. It sure caught the attention of the home crowd American support who realistically only came to watch for the match teas. Can they win it back? Can they proceed to win BUCS 3A? The answer to both is yes. After not one, not two, not three, but 4 goals from team veteran Clare Calvert, to put it bluntly we were sailing. To coach Stephen’s delight the team was ‘defending like warriors, jab tackling like black mambas and pouncing on the rebounds like panther’[1]. With two more worked goals from team call-up Alice Wilson, the final score was 6-3. A promising spectacle of hockey and three BUCS points later, our league winning campaign continues. Check us out at The Fortress this Wednesday when we play top of the table, RGU, at 1:30pm. 

[1]Direct Quote from pre-game hype message sent from Stephen Jack