Tuesday Night Lights - M2's Vs. Dundee M1's

Posted on February 15, 2019

While it is possible to have too much of a good thing, Dundee's blatant disregard of BUCS regulation HOC 3 Appendix 5 (page 6) and Adshead's administrative skill, gave the Men's 2s a fantastic opportunity right this glaring injustice, but more importantly the chance to play the sport we love. With captain Adshead unavailable, busy working on his dissertation, entitled "Employing Obscure BUCS Rules to Replay Games we Lost", president Fulton filled the considerable void left by his mullett. Dundee made the lengthy journey to The Fortress, made yet more treacherous by a detour to Perth to circumnavigate the closed Tay Bridge. They were understandably somewhat intimidated by the high calibre of the crowd, containing, amongst others, Jamie Hogarth (The Tab Power 250 Most Influential Student 2019 nominee), Aidan Thomson (The Tab Captain of the Year 2019 nominee) and Duncan Rudd (U8s Crown Primary Cycling Proficiency Sticker Winner).

The game started well, with the Saints dominating, entering the break looking the better team. A headlong collision with a fully charging Rhino and a Dundee player remarkably left Rhino worse off, but the great beast of the Senengeti was back, ready for second half action. Dundonian Vagg was unfortunately preoccupied with attempts to sell hockey ball tickets (he insisted I put a link in the report- see below) to concentrate on the hockey, while Turnbull, fresh from his golfing victory, further reduced the average speed of the team. Invigorated by his call up to captain a mixed hockey 6s side, Ali Mccullouch unleashed a flabbergasting drag flick (later analysis confirmed it was the fastest ever recorded in North East Fife), which rattled the crossbar. The second half continued in the same vein, but as the game opened up, Dundee nicked a scrappy goal at the back post, enough to take the game. Other Guy Folkes put in an excellent midfield performance. Overall, a good performance against opposition from the league above, which bodes well for the rest of the season. The onus is now on Adshead to trawl through the BUCS rulebook to schedule yet another clash.

The now expired hockey ball link: https://pay.circle.com/e/9ND97