Indoor Season report

Posted on February 17, 2019

Sports stadia don't come as iconic as The Douglas Sports Centre, Dundee. It has been a true delight to make the weekly trip over the Tay to compete against some of the finest athletes in the Dundee region, in the Midlands Indoor Division 2, at such a state of the art venue. Captained by Ali Mccullouch, the team, many of whom had never played indoor before, finished in 2nd, enjoyed a successful campaign, scoring some good results against teams who play indoor regularly. Ginger Mccullouch's indoor play was as zesty as his orange hair, while Vagg's extensive support club (his mum) was a constant presence. Deighan enjoyed the chance to network with his umpiring contacts, while Duncan Rudd particularly enjoyed the ego boost of rinsing men old enough to be his grandfather (and scoring, as usual, a heinous amount of goals). Jamie Hogarth gladly took the opportunity to brush up on his DIY skills- no doubt all the drilling practice will come in use in the future. 

Litchfield enjoyed the fishing opportunities, but was left petrified, with scary opposition players biting pretty hard on the bait- he has since decided to hang up his rod and concentrate on actually playing hockey. Jack Hogarth was keen to mention he is an ex-indoor national champion, while Kellogs was a cereal save maker during his GK appearances. Breaders, and for that matter most of the team, enjoyed the weekly McDonald's trips (#performance), aside from Litchfield, who branded their Sprite offering "disgusting" or Hawken who sneakily hid the meat from his Quarter Pounder to finesse another burger. Archie Stirling also made an appearance. Special mention must go to Andrew Duncan who travelled to Dundee with the team every Thursday to talk to his friends from Grove (and umpire). Overall, a wholly positive experience, a fantastic way to sweat off Wednesday's festivities and get your Nug fix. 10/10 Would play again.