Preseason 2018

Posted on July 04, 2018

Preseason sign up for September is once again open through the following link! General preseason begins in St Andrews on the 3rd of September while both the women’s and men’s 1stXI are heading to Terrassa the week before, leaving on the 27th of August, returning on the 30th of August. For those who wish to attend preseason but will not yet have any accommodation in St Andrews, no need to worry, if you just complete the preseason form and indicate you will need somewhere to stay. We will be trying our best to find everyone a place to stay, placing freshers with older members of the club with spare rooms. 

The general preseason programme is open for all levels of ability, with teams being split accordingly. As well as sessions twice a day, the week includes a beginner umpiring course and a potential coaching course as well for those who wish to become more involved in the club. Outside of hockey, just as last year, we are hoping to have another successful barbeque and social. Preseason allows for incoming and returning students to get back into hockey and begin to form the teams for the upcoming BUCS and Saturday seasons. 

For those players in the 1stteams, they are lucky enough to be jetting off to Spain to begin their preseason training. Terrassa will provide quality facilities for both pitch and gym training, allowing for the teams to start their season correctly. The trip is organised by our Director of Hockey, so for any queries in regards to the trip please contact him here.

Preseason is a great way for incoming first years to integrate into the club, men’s 1stXI player Alasdair McCulloch encourages all who can to attend preseason, saying: 

“I really enjoyed preseason as it gave me a chance to get to know the hockey team before the start of fresher’s week. It was really nice to get back into hockey before term started and I felt a lot more comfortable at the start of freshers having already met some friends.”

Newly elected Women’s Club Relations Officer, Susie Robertson, had this to say on her time at preseason: 

“I’m so glad I went to preseason and was lucky enough to be asked to go on preseason tour with the team before I had started university. I was slightly nervous at first because I didn’t know many people but the girls were so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable and confident to be myself. Preseason is a great way to make friends before fresher’s week, because you meet so many new people so quickly it’s nice to spend a couple days really getting to know them sober and not meeting people on a night out and not being able to remember it!”

All in all, preseason is a great week for new and old students alike. For any further questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us at hockey@saints-sport.comand we look forward to seeing many of you in September!