‘That’s my 3rd Away BUCS win.’ – Kiwi (alumni)

Posted on November 17, 2017

Freezing and plummeting morale. A shawdy pitch and delayed start. It’s a classic professional night of the BUCS league. With the recent cataclysmic and scarring memories of losing 5-0 to Aberdeen’s 1/2’s we were ready to play the actual 2s team. The game set off and Saints pressurised. 2 meter flying left right and centre. Griggs setting the defence alight. Squiblet actually playing the decent hockey he’s been claiming he can play, and Tuna may have been involved somehow too. The ball comes into the centre and Freud is waiting at P-Spot. From months of training from Sat Nav he knows how to finally touch a ball and slams it top right. Saints 1-0. The start we were hoping for.

After the excitement of actually scoring Freud got a little confused on what sport he was playing and decided to take up rugby…again. The clean shoulder tackle crunched an Aberdeen bloke and resulted in him seeing a green. Owwweee. However, saints were getting more outcomes than Gazza at Sinners and the pressure was strong. By some miracle the game finished 1-0 at half time, but it was far from over.

The goals started to pour in. The team smacked it around the Aberdeen team to find Old-timer Kiwi lying at the back post who knocks it past the line. 2-0. With the re-joicement of the devoted ultras of the women’s 4s, the team were feeling the victory.

The umpire gives the short corner. The ball flies in and The Golden Snitch swings his stick low to rocket the ball past the keeper into the top corner. What a zinger and the crowd went wild. In celebration, Snitch flung his stick up – he doesn’t usually celebrate own goals but this one was spectacular. 2-1.

The game was far from over. We were craving another and Paella showed it. She same on hungry for more and was dribbling left right and centre. The skort gave her no limitations and we carried forward as a very open team. Squib is in on goal and hits the side netting – classic.

But on comes griggs the former striker, to slam one more past the keeper. 3-1. The saints manage to score all 4 goals, get the BUCS away win and make paella wear a skort. What a victory.