Saints Volunteering

The University of St Andrews offers fantastic opportunities for students to develop themselves and one of these ways is through Volunteering.

Over the past few years the Hockey Club has been at the forefront of the University’s International Volunteering projects. Students, Amy Skidmore and Rebecca Angel, took part in Project Zambia coaching Netball in rural communities in Zambia in 2016. 2017 saw the reintroduction of Saints Volunteer Stelllenbosch and the first time that hockey had taken part in this trip. Gareth Watt, Toby Fulton, Amy Skidmore and Tilly Boa as part of a larger University group travelled to Stellenbosch and worked in Rietenbosch Primary School, a largely Afrikaans area of the community and delivered Hockey to them for the first time. The students gained valuable insight into the culture and history of South Africa including trips to Robben Island and Table Mountain.

Over the past two years a further 4 students have travelled to Stellenbosch with Catherine Boyd and Georgia Paterson going in 2019.

Toby Fulton

International Volunteering


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There are multiple volunteering opportunities available within Scotland and Internationally.