Performance Sport

The University of St Andrews has heavily invested in its facilities over the past few years.

Beginning a major £14m redevelopment and extension of the Sports Centre. These new facilities will cement a major, seven-year investment in sport at St Andrews, bringing our indoor facilities in line with the rest of the estate at University Park and offering our members greater capacity and the opportunity to participate in a far wider variety of sports at higher levels.

Over the past two years the indoor sports facilities at the University have been transformed following the construction of a new eight-court sports arena and the refurbishment, extension and modernisation of the original sports centre building. Work has now begun on the final phase of the redevelopment, which will see a new four-court indoor tennis centre installed at University Park. 

For more information on the Saints Hockey Performance Programme, take a look at our brochure, where you will also find all the relevant contact information. 

Student Development

One of the key foundations of Sport at the University is the development of students.

The Hockey Club is one of the sports at the forefront of volunteering within the University and provides local and international opportunities to volunteer through the University led Saints Volunteer programme. To find out more visit the Saints Volunteer page.

University of St Andrews

St Andrews is a unique and captivating place, and the University is a key part of its charm.

Seven centuries of history link the students with the town, leading to the ancient and yet modern institution apparent today. For those interested in visiting or moving to St Andrews, we recommend taking a look at the town information, which describes the facilities and opportunities open to the local community. You can also find information about the University’s governance, history, and strategy for the future in the sections below.

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